Our mission

We live in an exciting time that is strongly influenced by scientific
and technological advances.
Within the life sciences, organisms with synthetic DNA are revolutionizing industries and increasing understanding of our DNA with our lifestyle will translate to more personalized medical treatments.

These developments do not stay in research labs, but have significant implications for our societies. Therefore, Biotecture values a society where people from different backgrounds and ages can learn and think about these scientific developments.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between bio-sciences and society, and to contribute to a research culture with public involvement.

With our communication & education services, we make science understandable for the general public, increase the interest in science and technology amongst children and assist organizations in their communication of new innovations.

What we ♥ to do

Science Communication
Training & Consultancy

Science communication is of great importance to innovate successfully.
Biotecture gives trainings & advises companies and scientific institutions on (press) communication and out research to society or specific stakeholders.

Science Outreach &
Public engagement

We develop creative event and exhibition concepts to communicate scientific insights to a specific target audience or the general public.

workshops & lectures

We develop educational material and workshops about bio-sciences for schools and museums.

Our clients


Project high lights

  • Portfolio Item

    Horizon 2020 - EpiPredict

    Januari '14 - now

    Biotecture is responsible for the outreach and dissemination within the interdisciplinary EpiPredict consortium for epigenetic research into resistance to endocrine (hormonal) therapy in breast cancer.

    Read more


    August '14 - December '14

    Patient communication for the Mobile Application OWise.

    Website OWise

    Biodesign - The New Institute

    October '14 - present

    We installed an in-house experimental place for kids and adults for the Biodesign exhibition. Visitors were able to grow their own cellulosic biomaterial.
    20,000 people visited this exhibition on the cross-pollination of nature, science and creativity.

    Website Biodesign - Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • Portfolio Item

    Science Workshops


    Biotecture offers popular science workshops for events and schools.
    Current workshop offerings: "How to grow biomaterial" & "Synthetic Biology: Designing DNA codes".

    SynbioArt Course
    KABK The Hague

    October-November 2011

    SynBioArt was a elective course by Biotecture for young artists to explore their role in the field of synthetic biology.

    Website KABK

    Boijmans van Beuningen Museum
    Design Column #1 - Micro Impact

    juni - september 2012, Rotterdam

    Biotecture presented the artscience work: Visualization of genetically engineered bacteria

    Website Design Column #1 - Micro Impact
  • Rathenau Instituut - Political cafe on synthetic biology

    17 January 2013, The Hague

    During a public debate on synthetic biology, we performed a futuristic cooking show in which genetically modified yeast was used to produce more healthy, carotene containing bread.

    Blog article about the political cafe


    June 2011, 2012 & 2013

    For three years in a row, we had the honor of teaching our workshop on synthetic biology for the brightest primary school kids in the Netherlands that participated in the annual School Competition by the Cognitief Talent Foundation.

    Website Toptoets

    Transnatural Festival 2012

    Juli - September 2012

    Scientific Program for the TransNatural Conference 2012.

    Website Transnatural Festival 2012
  • Night of the Nerds

    2011 & 2012 Amsterdam, 2014 Eindhoven

    For several NOTHN editions, we entertained visitors with our bio-clinics: isolating DNA, life science card game, make your own fluorescent bacteria, growing biomaterials.

    Website Night of the Nerds

    European iGEM Jamboree

    February - October 2012, Amsterdam

    PR & Communication for the European iGEM competition.

    Website iGEM Jamboree EU 2012

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